Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 month Update

Great news!! I had my 1st ortho appt since getting braces on, and he said I was ahead of schedule. If you remember, my sentence was 31 months! So being ahead of schedule already is excellent news!

So about my appt...

I got an 18 wire on top and kept the 14 wire on bottom. I have a power chain on top to close the gaps that I didn't have originally. They also put in wire ties on the top 4 teeth. She said that was to keep them straight so they don't turn sideways with the power chain. I will also have to go back in to have a spacer put in. I will have to have 1 band on a lower molar. It has the silver filling and the metal brackets wont stick to it. But that's nothing...Just one band! I can deal with that. I also asked the ortho if I could come in once a month to change out the clear ligatures and he said absolutely! So he is a nice guy and understands i am not a 13 yr old that doesn't care about staining. :) So all in all...the appt went great. And to top it all off....there isn't much pain so far. I know tomorrow will be worse but so far so good. I didn't think I would be this excited about my appt but I am. Progress is exciting! Please comment or ask any questions. The assistant said I ask great questions and she was surprised I knew what to ask. I got the questions from all the blogs and videos I have been watching. So I know they will help you also!

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