Sunday, June 14, 2009

6 Weeks Update and Pics

Well these are pics of the progress so far. The top pic is right before I got them on. As you can see...the "clear" ligatures (or donuts as some call them) are not clear! They have stained a light orange color. Its mainly the ones on the bottom right and that is where I chew all my food and bite into my food. So I will see if the ortho will see me once a month to change out the clear ligatures. If he does I will be much happier! My first appt. since getting them on is June 23! I cant wait. I want to see what they say about the progress and if maybe the time I have to have them on will shorten. *wishful thinking?-maybe!*
Well as you can see, the little tooth on the bottom that was on its own planet!!--has decided to join back with its friends! LOL! I am so happy it is moving now. It took a while but its almost there.
I also have gaps in the middle of my top 2 teeth and on the next tooth to the left. Those gaps weren't there before.
As for my experience with braces the 2nd time around...its much more painful than I remember. Some days my teeth don't hurt at all and other days I can hardly eat. I think that is caused from when I sleep. I bite down really hard when I sleep so when I wake up my teeth are sore. They put in these blue bite things so when I bite down the braces don't hit each other. Well those have worn down so much that now I can't bite down all the way! So eating looks awful!! I have to chew really weird so I don't hit the braces with other teeth or braces. I am hoping at my appt I will tell him all my worries and the next time in between appts wont be so awful!
Its really not that bad I guess. Its just different and takes some time getting used to. I can see a difference in my teeth and how they are moving, some I'm not happy about-like the gaps. But I know its all part of the process.
I will update again after my appt. on June 23.
If you have any questions, please ask. That is why I decided to make a blog. All the blogs and pics really helped me know what I wanted and what to look forward to when I was researching about braces.
Thanks again and hope you all have a great summer!

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  1. Wow, your little tooth really moved into position fast. Just got my braces yesterday. No pain yet -- I hope things are moving.