Tuesday, July 21, 2009

almost 3 months

Hello all! Hope you all are having a great summer so far. I am.
Well I went to the ortho today and this appt was supposed to be just to change out the clear ligs and the assistant didn't know that, so she called the Dr. in the room.
He looked at my teeth and started right away with what she needed to do...and ta daaaa....
I have square wires already!! Yayyy!!! I also have to wear the rubber bands as you can see in one of the photos I posted.
My teeth are really sore but I love it!! That means I will get done with treatment faster. He said I was way ahead of schedule (which originally was 2 1/2yrs!!!!) so now we will see what happens. I go back in about 3 weeks to get the spacer so I can have a band put on my last tooth on the left side. (they cant get the bracket to stick to the filling)
I was sooooo excited to get the square wires. I am so happy with my bottom teeth. They look awesome.
Well I think that is about it. Ohhhhh I also decided to get the lavender on the clear brackets and I really like it. It gives me character! LOL! (as if I needed anymore!) But I think I will be happier since the staining wont be so noticeable. And my teeth wont look so yellow.
If you have any comments or questions, please ask or tell me.
Thanks for reading!
Talk to you soon.


  1. That's awesome! Congrats! I was also thinking about pink bands on my clear brackets when I get them tightened...Do you stay away from mustard curry and coffee when you had your clear bands? Mine seem to be doing ok, and I've tried really hard to stay clear of mustard and tomato base sauces...Also try a fluoride mouth wash to keep the bands clear and clean. Your teeth are looking awesome! I step closer! :)

  2. thanks! yeah i like the colored ligatures a lot. they look much better. i cant stay away from tomatoes! i like them too much. so they always stain. and nothing and i mean nothing gets rid of the staining. i have tried everything. i use the fluoride mouthwash and it doesnt help either. red stuff is about all i eat that stains. i dont eat much mustard. i think u should try the pink! i think u will like it. i do! thanks for the comment. ttyl.

  3. What a difference! You seem to be going at the speed of light. Hopefully it'll all be over sooner than you think :D

  4. thanks B. i hope its over sooner than later thats for sure!