Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So sorry I havent posted anything in such a long time. I recently moved to the big city of Austin. But now I am all settled in and things are going great.
As for the braces...
I went to the orthodontist in January and he said I should get them off in May or June!!! So I am thrilled! He said they are just about done and since I have moved they should be fine to take off then. I go back in March and then we will see for sure how things look. I only have to wear the elastics at night, but sometimes I wear them during the day as well...I want them off asap!! :) One reason I want them off...my teeth have gotten pretty yellow! :( I want to be able to use crest whitening strips again! I use whitening toothpaste but it doesnt work. Oh well..
They dont really have much else to move other than the tooth next to the big front tooth.
I hope he files them soon so I can really see how they will look.
Im so excited.
I will be going back to Las Vegas in June so my fingers are crossed they will be off by then!
Well thanks for reading and again I apologize its been so long.
I will update again in March.
Thanks again,


  1. Hey

    I've just been reading your blog. Your teeth are looking amazing :)

    Thats great news that they're due to come off May/June, not long to wait now :) I think the last few months are the hardest because to us the teeth almost look perfect.

    Mine were suppose to be off Feb/April, but I'm looking at June now also. My gaps have all closed but the one, which is really annoying me.

    Goodluck with the rest of your treatment :)
    Love Jo

  2. Hi,

    Nice to hear your braces journey is nearly over. It’s a hassle at the time but you forget about the pain having to wear them once you look in the mirror and see that lovely smile staring back. I hope the remainder of the treatment is going well.

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    Our homepage is: http://www.cosmeticdentistryguide.co.uk/

    Good luck with the rest of your treatment.


  3. thanks for the comments! @ Jo thanks so much and i hope the rest of ur treatment is fast and no pain! :) i am scared they will tell me that i wont get them off in may or june. but i want them to look good so i better be patient i suppose. :) well thanks again and i will be updating soon.

  4. Hi,

    Just started reading you blog. I got my braces on in June of last year and I have a 3 year treatment along with jaw surgery :(. But I know I will be super happy with the end results. I'm already happy with the movement so far.

    Can't wait to see the end results of your treatment. :)