Friday, April 17, 2009


here are some pics of my teeth..before starting treatment. Some of the main things i want fixed is of course the little tooth on bottom that is trying to escape, my overbite and the 2 teeth beside the big top teeth(the little ones on each side of big teeth)-they are too small and look like baby teeth. when treatment is over i will get some stuff to build those up a little and make them bigger. i also will have them filed some to make them all about the same length and straight across. The canine teeth are annoying as well!!


  1. Just a quick comment that my two teeth on the sides of my middle teeth (on top) were also much shorter and my ortho ended up pulling them down with the braces. Check out my blog and you'll see in my progress pics what I mean. Soo...I'm thinking you may not have to 'worry' about doing anything with that, as it may resolve itself through the course of treatment! :)

    How are you holding up, by the way? Only 10 days left!! :) Did they give you spacers or anything? If not, you probably won't get molar bands (or you may have enough room for that, that you won't have to worry).

  2. ohhh thanks for giving me hope about the little teeth!! as far as me holding doing pretty good. VERY ANXIOUS! i want this to start now! 31 months is a long time! and i didnt have spacers--i actually called when i left the ortho and asked about that. i didnt know if they forgot to put them in. but she said i wont have bands on them. so who knows? thanks for commenting and i will go look at your blog! thanks again.

  3. SWEET that you won't have to have bands!! The spacers are a literal pain and I'm not happy with having bands...LOL. But I'll survive.

    Your question about colors on clear braces. Well, I started out with clear ligs and they do stain a little if you're not careful with what you eat. I don't eat curry very much (even though i like it, i just dont know how to cook with it...LOL!) and i just never eat mustard and things go fine. :) I drink tea a lot, sometimes coffee, and i eat pasta with red sauce, but i haven't had much trouble with extreme staining. But after your 6 weeks, you're ready for a change. :)

    As for colors - I agree with what someone else said to me once when I was worried if it would look weird: they said that colored ligs look better on clear brackets than on metal ones..and I agree!! They just look cool!! So, I mostly do colored. :) However, the braces are DEFINITELY less noticeable with the clear ones, so you may want to start off with that until you're more comfortable in them.

    A last thing, if your ortho will let you, there is something called wire ties. They are white and they are in place of ligs..and they DO NOT STAIN. So if you've got something totally important coming up or if you just want to use those, they hold up the best to food. :)

    Good luck and can't wait to see pics!! :)

  4. well thanks for commenting back!! i think i will get clear first and if i dont like the staining then i will get colors. i cant believe its only 6 days away! the ortho called and said they have everything ready to go. i am really scared about having them for so long but i guess it will be worth it! thanks for the information!

  5. Hiya like the blog getting mine done on the 18th december really nervous not told any1 yet. How old are you your a bit tasty aint you ha lookin even more gorgous when there off :-)

  6. thanks karl. i am 29. hopefully putting a new blog on here soon. braces should be off this summer! yayy!