Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Got Them

I had my ortho appt today and I got braces. I was told I would have clear on top and metal on bottom, but when I got there they had all clear. So yayyy they are all clear. They are the sapphire crystal ones that are super clear. Getting them on wasnt so bad except I have a real sensitive tooth to cold water and air...and lets just say..that was not fun! I hated that thing that kept my mouth open too! It left a sore in my mouth. Everything went smooth I suppose. I was the first person in this paticular office to get these kind of brackets so I had a lot of "lookers". That was pretty annoying! But its over and I have them on. Here are a few quick pics I took. I will update in about a week and see if there is any movement. They told me I would have some quickly, so we shall see! comment and let me know what you think. When I just look with a straight face you really cant tell I have braces at all. So I am pretty pleased. I will say my teeth are hurting already. I took everyones advice and took pain meds before I went in. But they are wearing off now! Ok I gotta go. Update soon. Have a good week.


  1. WOW!! You lucky, lucky thing, you!! I am SOOOOOO jealous of your clear brackets!!!! And you get them on top AND bottom!!? NO FAIR!! LOL

    They look FABULOUS!! Here's to some fast movement, very little discomfort, and getting used to them quickly!!! :)

    Welcome to the club, hun!! :) *HUGS*

  2. aww thank you! i was really happy to get clear on both. it was a complete suprise. and i am pleased with them. when i talk normally (without smiling/cheesing) they are almost invisible. but i am in a lot of pain now! i tried to eat and felt like a baby nawing on food. so i just gave up. i wont starve to death! but thanks for commenting.

  3. Love em! I get the same ones tomorrow on top! Congrats and cheers!

  4. Hey girly!! Just wanted to see how things were coming along and how you were feeling!! Would love to hear an update..and maybe even see some photos! :) Even if you feel there's no progress, taking photos can show more than you see on a daily basis! :)