Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wired Up

Hey everyone. This is my first ever official blog. I wanted to do this because as I was looking into getting braces, I found it very interesting and helpful to read peoples stories. I hope mine will be as helpful as some of the ones I read.

So here is a little about me-
I am 28 yrs old and live in East Texas. I have a 10yr old son! (that is very hard for me to think about!-man does time fly.) My job requires for me to be out in the public and at times pretty close to some people. (not by choice! some people are just very rude!)
I had braces before when I was about 14 yrs old. I think I had them for almost 2 yrs. I was young and I didn't pay for them so I didn't take of my teeth and do what I was supposed to do, so they shifted back and actually some are worse than before. (pics later)
So one day I decided to get braces. I have this one tooth on the bottom that just sticks out like a sore thumb! I hate it!! And apparently it hates me, because the dang thing wants to jump out of my mouth!! My top teeth aren't that bad, but I have a small over bite and I decided that if I was going to spend the money I wanted them all fixed and pretty.

Well, I went to my first consultation on April 14th. After the orthodontist talked with me for about 5 mins, he was done. I asked a couple of questions, but he knew right away how to fix them and that it wasn't going to be a huge problem. Then they took me back to the waiting room to wait on the financial lady. (not sure of her title) I was called back with her and she had my treatment plan and how much it was going to cost. Now I had researched online and found that in Texas the average for braces was $5,000. So I was pretty prepared. She sat me down and told me they would be $4,600. So, for that, I was happy. Then came the shocking part! I had to wear them for 31 months!!!!!! That is 2 yrs and 7 months!!! I couldn't believe it. I don't think my teeth are that bad, nor do I know where I will be in 2 yrs!! I thought maybe 1 1/2 yrs or something but over 2 1/2 years!! Oh my! Well I went ahead and agreed to the plan and the amount. Oh and I am getting clear on top and metal on bottom. My orthodontist only charges about $250 total for clear braces. (they are the clear sapphire kind-called Radiance.) Overall nothing too crazy, except for the amount of time I will have to wear them. I also asked that when treatment is over could I get a clear retainer, so I would actually wear it and not be totally embarrassed, and he said yes that he will probably do permanent and clear retainers. So we will see.

My first actual appointment is on April 28th. I will have them put on and update after that. I was very excited to get this started and when she told me the actual date, I started getting nervous.
Like I said before, I want this blog to help those looking into braces and have questions like I did.
If you have any questions please ask.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi KD!! I totally know how you feel about getting nervous when you actually have a date in sight!! When I was agreeing to treatment, the coordinator said "would you like to get banded tomorrow? I can probably squeeze you in." I was like "TOMORROW!?!?!" LOL. But, I did it because I knew that if I waited, I might chicken out! Now, I've been in them for 8 there's no turning back. LOL

    Good luck to you!! :)

  2. PS Have you seen the thread over at's message board about the radiance braces? They are AMAZING!! I want them!!! *pouts* they are TOTALLY clear like glass!!

  3. yes i saw the girls pic with radiance braces!! i was very happy to finally see a "real" pic of someone! they looked great on her teeth. hopefully mine will look ok too! thanks again!